DIY Treat Filled Easter Bunnies

DIY Treat Filled Easter Bunnies

Nothing says Easter quite like a few cute little bunnies, especially when those bunnies are packed to the brim with eggs!

Treat your children to a sweet surprise on Easter morning with these chocolate-filled rabbits – they make great gifts and look super cute scattered throughout the backyard for your kids to find on an egg hunt.


  • Jumbo plastic eggs from The Reject Shop
  • White spray paint
  • Printable bunny ear file (bunny-ear-template)
  • White card
  • Scissors from The Reject Shop
  • White pom poms from The Reject Shop
  • Hot glue and glue gun from The Reject Shop
  • Enamel sticker embellishments in black and pink from The Reject Shop
  • Easter eggs or assorted chocolate from The Reject Shop

(Other items in the photos like the shredded paper, jars and Easter decorations are all from The Reject Shop)

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 1

Separate your jumbo plastic eggs into 2 halves and spray paint both halves white. Depending on the brand of spray paint you’re using, you may need to give the eggs a coat of primer first to ensure the paint sticks properly (the instructions on the spray paint can should let you know how to prep plastic for painting).

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 2

Print out the bunny ear file onto white cardboard and cut out the ears using the dashed line as a guide.

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 3

Create tabs on the ears by folding each one towards the bottom along the thin black line.

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 4

Using hot glue, stick the ears to your spray-painted jumbo egg towards the narrow end.

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 5

Stick a pom pom tail to the back of your jumbo egg with hot glue.

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 6

Stick two black enamel dots on the bunny for eyes, and one pink enamel dot for a nose.

treat filled Easter bunnies

treat filled Easter bunnies

Step 7

Lastly, open your bunny along the middle and insert some of your favourite Easter treats.

treat filled Easter bunnies

Once your bunnies are all filled up, they’re ready to hand out to friends and family!

treat filled Easter bunnies

You can print your bunny ears from here: bunny-ear-template.

Happy Easter!

This post is sponsored by The Reject Shop, all images, opinions and words are from Make and Tell.

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  1. D

    Lovely idea and a will do with the grandson. So love Easter.

  2. E

    what a great idea!! love it

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