Top Winter essentials for your home
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Top Winter essentials for your home

Feeling the Winter chill? Here’s some of our favourite Winter essentials that will help you settle into the season…

1. Blankets and Throws

This is our ULTIMATE Winter essential in the home. A classic winter warmer to add to your lounge room and bedroom!
Not only are they highly practical (keeping you as snug as a bug, plus helps save on that electricity bill which tends to sky rocket this time of year), they are also a nice styling element in your home. Don’t be shy when layering your bed with throws, we say the more the merrier, despite how much your other half may disagree.

Winter essentials Winter essentials



2. Bath Mat Set

If you’ve got tiles in your bathroom, you’ll appreciate this. Midnight trips to the loo can leave you wide awake and shivering in just moments if you don’t have any coverage on those sometimes icy-cold tiles over Winter. We’re sure some of you have felt our pain on many occasions.

A soft bath mat on the floor is all that is needed to keep those tootsies safe from those surprise chills. You can add some matching towels to give the space a fresh new look for the season at the same time.


3. Bathrobe, Slippers, and Cosy PJ’s

Lazy mornings lounging around your home in new warm pj’s, a cosy bathrobe and cute slippers coupled with a big mug of coffee and a good book! Bliss! Is this not reason enough to be excited for Winter weekends? We think so.

Winter essentials


4. Mattress Topper + Comfy Pillows

A bamboo mattress topper and extra comfortable pillows can make your sleep-in all that nicer on those cooler mornings. Top with a new comforter set, a few warm blankets (yes, we’re obsessed!), cushions and, there you have it, your bedroom is winter-ready!

Winter essentials


5. Chocolate

Who said that….?

Whoever it was makes a good point. Absolutely a (delicious) essential for Winter nights in.


Winter essentials




What are your top Winter essentials? Share with us below or via our social media channels.



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  1. r

    nice and warm for winter

  2. J
    Janette Brown

    I love going to reject shop I will always go in and there is always something I will always need.
    Jan Brown

  3. A

    How come you don’t send some of the interesting blog posts in emails to your customers?

    The emails I get with the catalogue are great but not everyone follows on Facebook (or may not even have facebook).

    • T

      Hi Alan,

      Thank you for your message and we’re very glad to hear that you find our blogs interesting. You’ll be happy to know that when we have a new blog we do feature these in our emails. Normally this would be every couple of weeks. This blog was also featured. We’re sorry that you have missed some of these which may be down to what you chose as your interests (what you’d most like to hear about) when signing up but I will check that on our end.
      You can also read our blogs via our website which will show our most recent blogs first. I hope this helps.

      Best Regards

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