Savvy Shopper Instant Win Competition

Savvy Shopper Instant Win Competition

This competition has ended.

Thank you to all Savvy Shoppers who entered our Instant Win competition.

If you’re one of our lucky winners, we will contact you directly via the mobile number or email address you have provided, and your $25 or $100 The Reject Shop gift card will be sent to your preferred address.

Congratulations to these Savvy Shopper winners: –

  1. A. Brown, SA
  2. L. Phan, QLD
  3. C. Saultry, VIC
  4. L. Laird, QLD
  5. C. Oxford, NSW
  6. M. Moore, QLD
  7. A. Briggs, NSW
  8. A. Schmidtman, NSW
  9. F. Luijten, VIC
  10. V. Hall, QLD
  11. C. Speight, NSW
  12. J. Leahy, WA
  13. C. Roff, VIC
  14. S. Judd, QLD
  15. L. Hayes, VIC
  16. R. Gill, VIC
  17. L. Luc, NSW
  18. O. Dupuis, VIC
  19. S. Aboud, NSW
  20. H. Rattan, QLD
  21. K. Brown, TAS
  22. J. Campbell, WA
  23. K. Lord, QLD
  24. W. Henderson, VIC
  25. S. Birke, NSW
  26. S. Yeo, VIC
  27. D. Mavili, VIC
  28. F. Warelow, VIC
  29. E. Agustin-Urbano, QLD
  30. J. Swan, QLD
  31. S. Fisher, VIC
  32. N. Camarda, NSW
  33. N. Hall, QLD
  34. R. Johnson, QLD
  35. K. McWhirter, NSW
  36. S. Nguyen, QLD
  37. S. Williams, QLD
  38. A. Cox, SA
  39. D. Graham, VIC
  40. L. Timpano, VIC
  41. K. Daniel, SA
  42. H. Nguyen, VIC
  43. S. Wakeling, NSW
  44. J. Marsh, NSW
  45. A. Milesi, WA
  46. K. Harris, QLD
  47. J. Allan, QLD
  48. L. Baker, QLD
  49. S. Riddle, SA

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  1. A
    Ann MCQueen

    I enjoy the savvy reject shop advert I look forward to every blog thank you very much. As I am nt mobile enough to browse your shop these blogs give me the notice of when you have Utes of interest.
    Thank you for being so progressive in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Ann McQueen

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