How To Create A Savvy Feature Wall

How To Create A Savvy Feature Wall

Is your outdoor area looking dull? Wishing you had some greenery but you’re tight on space? Fear not friends, we’ve got a fun savvy project for you that will transform your backyard and add some wow factor by creating a vertical garden. Plus, it’s more affordable than you think.

Why a vertical garden?

There are so many appealing factors for having a vertical garden, but here’s just a few:

  1. Save on space – If you don’t have a lot of room for lots of potted plants, by hanging some easy to care for plants in pots is a creative and great way you can inject some greenery into even the smallest of spaces.
  2. Grow your own herbs and small vegetables –  Yes, you could be picking basil from your balcony in no time!
  3. A feature wall that creates instant impact – You’ll be feeling like you’re part of The Block.
  4. It can act as a divider or privacy screen while still allowing light through.

Vertical Garden

How to create a vertical garden?

1. Choose your pots. Choose from our huge range of stylish pots and planters, available in a variety of shapes and colours.

2. Drill or punch a drainage hole on the bottom of the pot if there are none.

3. Drill or punch a hanging hole one-third of the way down on one side of the pot. This will allow you to hang the pots from the wall. You can also add some hanging pots with chains to mix it up.

4. Then, simply fill your pots with a mix of lush plants and blooms and hang against a simple and strong wooden screen. If you really want to go full DIY, you can build your wooden screen at home using a wooden pallet.



  • Think height – keep in mind that if it’s too tall, you might have difficulty with watering or harvesting.
  • Ensure your wall can support the weight of your garden
  • Ensure your garden system has adequate drainage – you’ll need to water it frequently


Featured pots:

A. Plastic Pot with Chain 25cm $2.50 

B. Plastic Pot with Saucer 21cm $2.50 

C. Plastic Trough with Saucer 45cm $5 

D. Recycled Plastic Pot 27cm $6 

E. Plastic Pot Mini 3pk $2.50 

F. Recycled Plastic Pot 32cm $10 

G. Plastic Pot 28cm $4 

H. Plastic Pot with Saucer 34cm $6 


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  1. P
    Pauline Hutchings

    Well done bravo

  2. c

    I just love shopping at Bathurst Reject shop…on my way now to buy plants and many other things. Thanks for keeping me up to date.

  3. S
    Susan elms

    I think it looks amazing

  4. Y
    Yvonne Griffiths

    I live in a Caravan, this is such a good idea – it will give me privacy & the ability to have lots
    Of smaller plants out of the sun!! Love the Reject shop. Just at present have been saviing
    madly but will be in for pots & hooks. Comforter looks good too!!😄😴

  5. A

    Feeling quite inspired – Thank you

  6. K
    Karin McGann

    Just what I was looking for and a wow factor with the pots.

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