Get fit at home with our workout tips
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Get fit at home with our workout tips

Picked up some pounds over the holiday season? Don’t worry, we’re all guilty! Let us help you follow up on your New Year’s resolution to get fit with these easy workout tips. The good news – they don’t even require you to leave your home. All you need is some free space and a little time.


With just minimal equipment, you can easily set up your own fitness circuit at home using some of the below products.  Here’s what we’ve used for our workout plan.


  1. Anatomy of Fitness Kits – YOGA AND PILATES
  2. Boxing Aid with Glove set
  3. Dumbbell hand weights 1.5kg + 2kg
  4. Therapy Roller 30 Degrees




Warm-up with a light stretch to loosen up and three to five minutes of light cardio. This can be jogging on the spot for 60 seconds, butterfly jumps, high knees and repeat.



  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and back straight. Hold the dumbbells, with your palms facing down, at the front of your thighs
  • Lift the dumbbells straight up in front of your chest to just under chin level. Try to keep your elbows higher than your forearms for best results
  • Pause and then lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position and repeat
  • Do 15 reps



  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out slightly, holding one weight by the top of one side with both hands, elbows out to the sides
  • Sit back, keeping the weight of your body in your heels and your chest lifted, while lowering until the bottom of the dumbbell slightly taps the floor
  • Use your heels to push yourself back up to complete one rep
  • Do 15 reps



This plank variation is a great way to work on your abs and arms at the same time!

  • Start in plank position while holding a dumbbell in each hand, feet a little wider than hip to offer better support
  • Lift your right arm behind you as high as possible, bring it back into plank to complete one rep
  • Do 10 to 15 reps on each arm



A total body work-out that focuses on core training while incorporating cardio to get your heart rate up and burn fat. It’s also a lot of fun!

  • Firstly, get your boxer-stance correct. Left leg forward and right leg back, knees slightly bent, most of your weight on your front foot. Hands up, close to your chin, elbows in, head down. Extend your hand (as you do that your hips open up, then bring that hand back in. Extend right hand and your back leg will bend and drop even further. Repeat left to right hand, hips twisting and legs bending as described above). Whilst doing that you can move around the bag. This type of boxing is great to help with hand-eye coordination, speed, and fantastic for the core

Begin Workout:

  • Do the above, (1-2 motion) moving around the boxing aid. Lead with the foot in the direction that you’re going in so that you’re not crossing your feet at any time
  • On the spot – punch 30 times as fast as you can
  • Toe taps – Jumping tapping your toes all the way around the base (no punching) and back
  • Toe taps and punching at the same time – 30 times
  • Repeat above for 5 reps



This one doesn’t necessarily have be done as part of the circuit. It can be done after your workout to cool down (more so if yoga) or done as a full workout alone. Yoga or Pilates in the morning is great to stretch out before starting the day or else in the evening to de-stress. Either way – you’re winning!

If you’re a Yoga or Pilates novice, our Anatomy of Fitness Kits contain everything you need to know.

  • Pilates Kit: includes a high-quality Pilates ball, 64-page book and digital streaming activation key
  • Yoga Kit: includes a high-quality yoga strap, 64-page book and digital streaming activation key



Having your own Therapy Roller is a secret weapon for recovery. Especially, if it’s been a while since you’ve worked out and your muscles are feeling it the next day! Rolling out on one of these will reduce your recovery time.



IMPORTANT: Consult your doctor or physician before engaging in any exercise program.

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