DIY Wool Wall Hanging

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Fancy yourself a little bit crafty? Then let’s get your creative juices flowing and bring your living space to life with a DIY Wool Wall Hanging. No weaving required, it’s simple, easy and will give any room a stunning Boho look.

Everything you need to create this Boho Wool Hanging is available at The Reject Shop.

What you need to get crafty:

  1. 3x bundles of thick/chunky yarn in a variety of colours
  2. An anchor – we used a small branch for texture which compliments the Boho look but you may use copper pipe or dowel
  3. Tape measure
  4. Scissors

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Take your yarn and cut it four times the length you want.

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Step 2:

Take 2 strands of yarn and loop them over the anchor. Then take the ends and feed them under the anchor, making a knot as shown.

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Step 3:

Repeat as you go along the anchor. Once you’re ready, change yarn colour and make a plait.

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Step 4:

Switch to your next colour of yarn and repeat, switching back to your original colour and making your third plait, as shown.

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Step 5:

Take your scissors and cut the bottom into a chevron. You may also need to cut the anchor to the desired width.

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

Step 6:

Fix a wall hook into position, hang, and enjoy your work of art!

DIY Wool Wall Hanging

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