Bring your home to life on a budget
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Bring your home to life on a budget

We’ve teamed up with The Eye Spy Milk Bar who shows us how to bring your home to life on a budget using products from The Reject Shop.

I’m always on the lookout for affordable homewares and I firmly believe in bringing a space to life without having to spend a fortune. So I’m very excited to share some fabulous homewares from The Reject Shop. The great news for you is the affordable price tag of all of these goodies! I was blown away with their new range and I’m going to show you just how affordable and easy it is to create a beautiful space on a budget.


First up is this divine mirror which only cost a total of $15! This is available in black, grey and white. I was torn between all of the colours but decided on white for a fresh look in our home (although for the price, and if you have the space, you really could afford to buy a few!). A round mirror is such a versatile piece that you can use in the hallway, above the bed or in the living room. I’m a big fan of an uneven gallery style wall and this mirror was a perfect choice to add here.

home styling on a budget

Round Mirror $15 / Canvas Print $10 / Mug $2 / Canister $5 / Vase $7




Next on my shopping list was some artwork for the walls and I couldn’t go past this amazing print for just $10! Black and white feminine prints are so easy to style and work really well against pastels. Artwork can be very expensive, so it pays to shop around and keep your eyes peeled for some affordable options like this one.




It’s no secret I love a good shelfie! Shelves are a perfect way to display all of the things you love in one place. I’ve outlined some tips on how to create the perfect shelf:

(1) Collect items that you love in a range of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures

(2) Bring together a combination of artwork, vases, canisters, teapots, coffee mugs, books, mirrors etc

(3) Decorate in odd numbers. For some reason I always lean towards grouping items in 3’s or on their own

(4) Add some greenery with a plant or a vase full of beautiful blooms to help bring your shelf to life.

Here’s some useful tips and tricks to styling your home on a budget:

1. Affordable Artwork

I found some lovely frames in-store so I picked up a gorgeous white one for only $7 and framed a page from one of my favourite magazines. So easy and such a great way to add some interest to your walls.

2. Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your space

 Going through the kitchen section I came across so many fab utensil holders which make really cute vases.

Canisters are perfect for decorating shelves as well as sitting nice and pretty in the kitchen

I even picked up a tea light candle holder in grey and timber (see pictured above) which is the perfect addition to my shelf.

Another fab find was this super cute pot in the garden section (pictured below) which I picked up for $5 and filled it with my favourite blooms.

3. Hunt around for bargains

My biggest tip is to hunt around, do your research and look where you might not necessarily consider for what you need. I picked up this grey cushion (pictured above) which was an absolute bargain at $5 and the stripe coffee mug was only $2.




So as you can see from The Eye Spy Milk Bar‘s helpful styling tips, creating a beautiful space on a budget is certainly achievable.

You can view some of our range online HERE along with some more finds in store! X

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This blog is sponsored by The Reject Shop. All words, opinions, ideas and images are from The Eye Spy Milk Bar.

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  1. B

    Wish there are more glass jar candle choices in the shop…i like the $7 big jar candle which was available before, big in size, and good value for ppl on budget. kmart has a $9 big jar candle, simply white colour with a lid on top, not bad. Perhaps reject shop may get something like that onto its shelf?

    • T

      Hi Ben, we’re glad to hear that you were a fan of our $7 candle and you’ll be happy to hear that we will have more glass jar candles hitting our stores again soon! Keep your eyes peeled…

  2. J
    Janet Hadson

    Reject shop also saves me money on weekly neccessities like hand washes and toothpaste and shampoos. I always find something there to brighten up an area in our house. And I always buy my frames there for my own artworks. And crafty items like glues, string etc. my favourite shop cause they don’t overcharge and the quality is equal to more expensive store bought

  3. K

    IRarely buy decorator items from the reject shop, however I love the art work, the shelves and accessories I am planning to go to your new shop at Robina and buy several of the items I saw in this layout

    • T

      Great to hear Krystinne, we look forward to seeing you at our Robina store which we’re celebrating the opening of today! 🙂 Kindest

  4. A
    Adele Gilbertson


    You most certainly are improving with your décor. I just love the choices. Keep it up.

  5. L

    I really enjoyed reading your ideas, some of which i have already put into practice. I look forward to reading more n the future. Cheers Lynette

    • T

      Thank you Lynette, the Eye Spy Milk Bar is a great stylist and we love how she shows what you can achieve without spending a fortune! If you are on Instagram, be sure to tag us @therejectshop so we can see your styling too 🙂 Kindest

  6. S
    Stephanie Robson

    I enjoy shopping at the rejection store as their are plenty of bargains thank you Stephanie.

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